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MAKE A DONATION | We accept e-transfer, PayPal & cash or cheque donations!

Donations to the PEI Transgender Network go directly into supporting our community.  This may include the purchase of gender-affirming products, helping with the costs of name and gender designation changes, helping with uncovered travel costs for health care, as well as supporting our organization's services and events.  If there is a specific item/service you would like your donation to go towards, please email us at  Below are some cost estimates for specific items/services.  

Step 1: Set up an e-transfer to PEI Transgender Network using the email

Step 2: Select amount of money you would like to donate

Step 3: If you would like to designate the funds to a specific cause, ex: Mutual Aid fund, Name Change, Trans Healthcare, etc, please indicate this in the memo line. If no specification is made, our team will responsibly allocate the funds to best serve the community.

Examples of average costs that are associated with legal, medical and / or social transitioning:

Change of Name: $185+$25 for new birth certificate

Change of Gender Designation: $25+$25 for new birth certificate

Chest binder: $50-$80

Gaff: $30-$50

Packer/STP: $20-$800

Breast form: $60-$600

Associated Pre and Post Surgical Costs NOT covered by provincial health insurance: $1000-$2500 +

PAYPAL | Due to service charges, we recommend e-transfers if this is an option for our generous donors. Click on the button below if paypal works best for you!
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The PEI Transgender Network is run by one full time position of Executive Director, as well as a tenacious and dedicated volunteer Board of Directors. Our board is supported by committees with increasing, non-affiliated community engagement.  If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, or joining one of our committees, please email us at


If you would like your business listed with us, please email us at

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