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Trans Wish List| Hope for the Holidays


Wish List Links for Gifters


See how it works below!

Happy Holidays to our wonderful community! This form is for anyone in the transgender and gender diverse community who would like to anonymously submit an amazon wish list for community sponsorship:


1. You create an amazon account, with the option to include an anonymous blurb about yourself.

 IMPORTANT: When creating your wish list, be sure to check the box under "Manage List" that says "share my address with sellers" so that people can ship directly to you. Keep in mind that while the address itself will not be displayed to gifters, the name associated with the address will be. When it asks "What address should we ship your gifts to", you can click on the default address, scroll down and "add" a new address. This way you can use your mailing address but can change the name to something you are comfortable with the public seeing. We recommend a pseudonym using your initials incase the item is delivered to a public post office and you need ID to obtain the items, for example: If my legal name is Christa Paul Baker, my pseudonym is Cris P. Bacon. 

2. Add items to your wish list, this can be anything, from stim-toys, Spotify gift cards, art supplies, and more!

3. Submit your Amazon wish list link below.


After your link is submitted, we will promote it via our social media platforms and membership, where the community at large can click and purchase items off your wish list to be delivered to the address stated on your Amazon account.

This is a new program PEITN is launching this year, and while it is not mandatory, if you would like to offer feedback, you are welcome to submit a contact email below. We will then follow up with you after this program is complete with a feedback form. Please note, if you do choose to leave a contact email, this information will remain anonymous in accordance with PIPEDA. 

You are also welcome to submit a blurb about yourself below, which we would include through our social media posts to encourage folks to check out your wish list. For example: I am a transgender individual with autism who would love a new pair of headphones for the holidays! 

Sending love & gratitude to all of you <3 


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